Month: December 2017

Photographic Inspiration

What is it that inspires me to make images and / or influences the type of images that I make?

In an attempt to answer the above question (and force me to start “blogging” seriously) I’ve started a list of the things that inspire me to get out there and make images. However – this is a list that is subject to change so, to start :-

Other Photographers: This is a long list and only likely to get longer over time:

Music :-

Poets & Authors :-

Magazines and Websites :-

Locations :-

  • The South Wales Valleys – in particular the Taff & Rhymney Valleys
  • Cornwall – Penwith and the area around Redruth & Camborne
  • Edinburgh – in particular Newtongrange and North Berwick

There are many other things that influence and / or inspire my photography that have not been listed here, along with many other photographers.