A Year In Their Lives

Visit to Roy Carr’s Exhibition ‘A Year In Thier Lives’

Cynon Valley Museum, Aberdare, 07/07/18

A Year In Their Lives – Medium / Ffoton

Image Copyright Roy Carr

Roy Carr is a very talented ‘amateur’ photographer who usually specialises in Landscape Photography. The exhibition follows his year long project ‘A Year In Their Lives’ and documents the sheep farming calendar throughout the year.

Although taking place in small area the exhibition layout was well lit and planned with a very effective use of the space available being made. The images on display were a pleasing mixture of colour and monochrome. Unlike the previous exhibition visited (WPF Salon, Swansea) the images presented here were not ‘over-edited’ but sharp and very natural in appearance, the layout followed a definite narrative structure. Information cards were well presented and written making the whole exhibition well structured and easy to follow.


All Images Copyright Roy Carr

The work presented by Roy has give me greater encouragement in the pursuit of my own project, Roy had designed, assembled and financed the project and exhibition himself, producing something that would have been worthy of a professional gallery or exhibition space yet retaining a warmth sadly missing from many such places.


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