Breaking through the barrier

Blogging has been and probably still is a major problem for me. When it comes down to sitting at the computer and writing a blog entry its a real struggle (its even a struggle when using pen & paper!). Throughout Unit PHO703 it became almost impossible to write anything – I enjoyed the unit and the lectures immensely, I feel that I learnt a great deal from them yet, my mind still went completely blank when faced with the computer screen or the blank sheet.

I think I became an expert in the field of procrastination – anything rather than sit down and write (yes, even doing the washing up!) and it showed.

So, whats happened? I can’t really explain it but it does seem as if a block has been lifted and (yes, I do appreciate the irony of it), on the resubmission date for this unit I can finally write, get my thoughts down on paper or screen and get some blog entries made on my CRJ. I won’t say that they are brilliant entries (probably not even that good) and I do not think that they represent what should be written in part submission for an MA but, they are entries and I’m grateful for that. I just wish the block had lifted sooner.

So now, I have to try and move further forward, to build on this event, to become clearer in my thoughts and be prepared to reveal more of them to the world. I need to takes this gift / ability forward into the current unit and produce something that is more worthy of an MA student.

Oh – what cleared the block?

Something really simple, a realisation , on being woken by my cat at 2:40 a.m, this morning that I’m basically afraid of blogging and failing at it, that I should face these fears, stop procrastinating and start writing. That I should face the fear of failure but write anyway. Lesson learnt I hope.

Now to move forward.



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