Strategies of Freedom

How free are we to make the kind of images that we want?

Are my images determined more by the type of camera that I use and the software that it uses to capture and process the light that comes through its lens?

If my images are determined by the Camera that I use how can i make them a better reflection of my thought and concepts than is allowed by the camera manufactures…..

Does such a freedom come only from the rejection of the camera, seeking to reduce the effects of the lens, the sensor, and the inbuilt software can it not also come from working with the apparatus?

I have experimented with Cameraless photography and found, at some level, these processes still require an input from someone other than myself. Pinhole photography is still largely dependent upon the photographic paper or film type used.

For myself, photographic freedom comes from the realisation that there is always going to be some restriction placed on you, if not by your apparatus then by the society in which you practice your art and, that you are better off trying to work within these restrictions or around them rather than trying to outwit them. It comes from knowing you’re equipment and what it can do at a deeper level than is perhaps necessary. I frequently switch between DSLR and Mobile phone cameras always seeking to overide the way in which the manufacturer would prefer you to operate. I also use film cameras to try and achieve the same type and quality of image that I have envisioned in my minds eye or that can be obtained vis the DSLR.

The freedom that I treasure the most comes not from trying to outwit the camera and its components but in what I choose to photograph and in how I choose to create my images. In my current work I am experimenting with the Black and White image in its form as a negative – this is not something that is greatly appreciated by my peers in my local camera club but I am free to do so. I’m also free from the worry concerning how these things work…….

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