I don’t use Instagram although I have a standard non-business account. I find it to be one of ‘those things’ alongside Twitter, Snapchat etc that I don’t really see a need for in my life, although I do have a Flickr account  it has not been updated on a regular basis.

Having made that statement, this unit does seem to be stressing the increasing importance of Instagram and of having an up-to-date well maintained and presented Instagram account for the professional photographer. I need to find time to do this but time is in very short supply at the moment.

The prospect of using Instagram does raise a question for me – Where do I want to go with it? Do I want to ‘try’ to become noticed, to obtain lots of followers or perhaps receive a photographic commission from a business or agency? Or, Do I just want to use it to make the type of images I enjoy making available to the general public yet maintain the high degree of creative freedom that I currently enjoy, continuing to operate at an ‘amateur’ level?

This is obviously something to which I will need to return at a later date and examine more fully…


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