New possibilities of dissemination

The digital era has bought many changes to the creation, production and dissemination of photographs. The most obvious has probably been the massive increase in the speed with which an image can be created and made available to the world at large.

The main way in which I choose to disseminate those images that I find interesting is via Facebook, usually to one or two groups to which I belong and on my timeline. Other methods of (digital) dissemination include Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat (much used by the pupils in the school where I work) and several others. One of the most useful to me is the Lensculture website – its a great source of inspiration. In addition to the Social Media sites the Web based sites are also plentiful and, with the advent of sites such as WordPress, Squarespace and Smug Mug (where no knowledge of HTML is required) the ability to create a revenue earning site as become something almost any member of the public can do. A great problem though is the ability to retain control over your image and the way in which it can be used, something which requires a great deal of time and research into the licencing of images before I even think about making use of.

Despite the ease with with digital images can be disseminated and made available for public viewing via the Internet and Social media the older methods are still very much in evidence around us – Galleries are still plentiful and making work available.

It may also be possible to work at a more local level – offering images on a sale or return basis to Cafes, restaurants and pubs may be something that will be worth looking at in the future.


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