Looking back over the weeks lectures I’ve come to realise that there is a fairly heavy emphasis on the commercial and profession aspects of photography in this unit.

This is not an area that I am currently interested in pursuing for a number of professional and personal reasons. However, circumstances change and such opinions may alter throughout the course of this unit.

I am content to remain and work in a ‘largely amateur’ approach to photography – I photograph what interests me where and when I want to. My photographic work is based largely upon the use of mobile photography in the medium of Black & White / Monochrome with an emphasis on the recording of the (possibly) banal events of the day to day in a documentary or semi-documentary fashion designed, primarily to please myself. A situation that I would very much like to preserve. Because of this I find photography to be very pleasing and relaxing – a great alternative to my present full time position in Schools ICT.

The work that I do produce is usually displayed in  either a ‘Camera Club’ environment or on Facebook in several photography related groups. Although I have a Flickr and Instagram account they are not really utilised with little time being invested in them.

Perhaps, I am more interested in the journey of photography and less in the ultimate destination at which I will arrive…..


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