Work In Progress Portfolio

PHO704: Sustainable Prospects

Work in Progress Portfolio: There And Back Again

This is a personal project and does not represent  work that is being made as part of the Final Major Project for the MA in photography at Falmouth University.  It was undertaken for a number of reasons :-

  • I had began to feel that I needed to take a break from my work on Hiraeth as the images being made were becoming very similar and feeling a little ‘stale’
  • I wanted to get back to using the iPhone as means of making images.
  • I wanted to ‘challenge’ myself by making new images in colour. Normally I work solely in monochrome.
  • Part of this challenge would be to make images containing people. Something that I would not normally do and usually try my best to avoid.
  • To try and put together a set of images that would combine all of the above points yet also contain a narrative.

The project I decided upon was to photograph my Monday to Friday commute between the South Wales Towns of Carmarthen and Llanelli, attempting to include elements of the infrastructure, rolling stock and passengers.

The images made are deliberately untitled, although images should have a title that gives some indication of their subject I wanted the viewer to make up their own titles for each image,

Hopefully, this has succeeded.



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