Thoughts on the Final Major Project

The aim of the project is changing, its moving back towards the very reasons why I wanted to do the MA in Photography. Its becoming less about the need to compare two areas of the country and more about the area around Merthyr Vale concentrating on the now derelict Crescent and Taff Streets. With the redevelopment of the Colliery site for housing there is now an opportunity to compare / contrast the old / new.

The original project also wanted to look at the concept of ‘Hiraeth’ and this is becoming the major driving force behind the work. Also of increasing importance is the journey to Merthyr Vale, usually made by train, and the memories that are evoked by the places that you pass through.

Several sets of images have been made of Crescent and Taff Street, to my mind some of the more successful were those involving the placing of A3 sheets of paper on which were written the words from Idris Davies’ Gwalia Deserta but, this concept also requires further experimentation and development alongside an investigation into any copyright issues that would arise from the use of the poem. Possible developments of this concept could involve night time photography, highlighting the A3 sheets, light painting of the houses and photographing in different weather types. It would also be a worthwhile experiment to try out the use of the A3 sheets in areas outside of the original Crescent/Taff street area, possibly even on the mountainside above the village.

I think the original FMP aims were far too broad and ill defined. This, alongside the realisation that I do not have the time at present to be able to complete the aims in a worthwhile manner have led to a re-alignment of priorities and a re-evaluation of the original concept.

Why would the images have to be presented as single images – why not present them as a series of Diptych images, combine the built up and the country areas or, Merthyr Vale and Pendeen images (if wishing to pursue the original aim).



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