Taking a break

Practical / Project Development

At the present time I consider myself to be working on three projects :-

  1. Final Major Project – ‘Hiraeth’
  2. An amateur semi-diaristic ‘365’ project.
  3. Station to Station – a monochrome project, utilising the iPhone 6 and based around my Monday – Friday commute between Carmarthen and Llanelli.

Presented  here is a summary of each of the above projects :-

Final Major Project – ‘Hiraeth’:

Very little new work has been made since the end of the last unit in this area. This project was originally conceived as being a photographic comparison between the villages of Merthyr Vale (South Wales) and Pendeen (Cornwall) looking at the effects of mine closures in these areas. I am beginning to question the original aims of this project and considering whether or not it would be more beneficial to the project to concentrate upon the village of Merthyr Vale. This is the area that I find much easier to visit and am constantly being drawn back to. Although little ‘new’ work has been made in this area I do find myself revisiting the existing images that have been made and experimenting with the way in which they are presented. I am very much drawn to the concept of presenting these images in a monochrome ‘inverted’ or ‘photographic negative’ type format. However, I feel that the project as a whole and the images currently being made are become a little ‘stale’ and repetitive so, during the duration of this unit I will place this project on hold  and proceed with the Station to Station project for a short while.

The Diaristic / Semi-Diaristic 365 project:

This is a challenge that I set myself to complete after taking part in a seven-day post one image per day in monochrome challenge posted on Facebook As part of this challenge you were not post any titles or other descriptive information, just the initial challenge text and the image for the day.. I found this to be interesting so decide to continue with the concept over a period of 365 days, just to see if I could carry it out over the whole period.

Station to Station:

This is a personal project that has been ongoing for a period of years now. It consists of monochrome images made on the iPhone 6 either covering a journey being made by train or of the stations that I have visited themselves. Several of these images have been printed and entered into various camera club ‘competitions’ where they have been reasonably well received with mixed results as regards placings.

Obviously, work will be resumed on the FMP after this short break.


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